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Test WooCommerce orders set to 'pending payment' with PayPal Sandbox

My first post on here in 5 years...! As ever, I'm making this note for myself - but if it helps you too, then that's great. I was doing some testing on WooCommerce today, using a staging site and the PayPal sandbox setup. Had loads of trouble getting orders to show as 'paid' despite successfully doing the test sandbox payment at PayPal. I tried all manner of combinations of real and sandbox PayPal account details in the WooCommerce PayPal settings page, but it didn't really work. Solution: It turns out that you need to turn on PayPal's 'auto return'  inside your sandbox merchant PayPal account . I hadn't realised there was a whole dummy/sandbox PayPal admin account area for the merchant, complete with the sandbox balance, details of payments and, importantly, features like 'auto return'. So, using the merchant/business sandbox account that you created via  PayPal developers sandbox area , simply login to