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Solution: Repeatedly being kicked out of Opencart admin with "invalid session token"

If you've ever used Opencart you might find this tip helpful. It seems to depend on your hosting company, but when installing Opencart at Vidahost/TSO you often get booted out of the Opencart admin area due to an "invalid session token". No matter what you do, in terms of clearing your cookies or using different browsers, it keeps happening. Fortunately the solution is pretty simple and I actually found it on their parent company's forums: Open whichever php.ini file you've set* your site to look at. Add this line at the bottom: session.save_path = /tmp/php_sessions; Save it. This should fix the problem. * On Vidahost you need to tell it where you want the php.ini file to be. To do this, simply add this line to your .htaccess file in the public_html root: suPHP_ConfigPath /var/sites/w/ Or you could put php.ini in a sub-folder, but if you do then just change the path above accordingly.