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Windows Live Mail stuck in offline mode / won't go online

From time to time my Windows Live Mail will get itself confused and prompts me with: "You are currently working offline. Would you like to go online now?" No matter how many times I manically and repeatedly click "Yes" the prompt just keeps reloading. Disconnecting from the internet and restarting the PC has no effect. Thankfully there is a solution , and it's found within Internet Explorer (no really!). It seems that Windows Live Mail takes its on/offline status from IE. So, to resolve this issue you need to: 1. Open Internet Explorer and press ALT-F to open the File menu. 2. Towards the bottom of the menu, there is Work Offline which you need to untick. Do this and the go back to Windows Live Mail. This time, when you get the "shall I go online prompt" - click Yes and it works. Hopefully this is useful for you (if so, leave a comment!). I found this solution courtesy of the Windows Live forums

Using Windows: iOS provisioning files, private key and push certificate

While working on a project that involved a white-label (BYO) version of the Tapatalk app, I discovered the issue of trying to get the various iOS files you need in order to launch an app. The problem is that all the instructions from Apple are, unsurprisingly, based on the assumption you are using a Mac. Thankfully others have been here before me and have kindly posted their solutions online. Firstly, there is this YouTube video that takes you through the basics. Just take note of the comments, and in particular if you get an error message when trying to run the commands shown in the video then do use these tips. 1. Run CMD as administrator (right click on it) 2. Type in: set OPENSSL_CONF=C:\OpenSSL-Win32\­bin\openssl.cfg (you may need to edit the path) Then press Enter on keyboard, then type in: set RANDFILE=.rnd And press Enter again. Then try the video instructions again and it should work. To create the .p12 file, first download your iOS Distribution certificate fi