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W7 cannot access Vista files (error 0x80070035)

I needed to access some files on my laptop (Vista) from my desktop (Windows 7). I set up file sharing and it worked well, but only in one direction: Vista could access files on W7, but not vice-a-versa. The error code I got was 0x80070035. I spent hours searching for a solution, before stumbling across a fix. My two computers are named as follows: GB-PC (Windows 7) GB-LP (Laptop, running Vista) When I created a test shared folder on my Vista laptop, I noticed it assigned it the address of \\GB-lp\test  rather than the address of \\GB-LP\test  - i.e. the 'lp' bit was in lowercase. I suddenly wondered if this was the cause of the 'path not found' (0x80070035) error. To test it, I returned to my W7 deskop and opened up the My Computer folder. In the address bar, where it  says "Computer  >" I deleted this and typed in \\GB-lp. All of a sudden I was prompted for my laptop's login details and it worked! So, my recommendation is to create a test shar