Barclays fraud dept not answering phone!

Yesterday I tried to make a payment online using my Visa debit card (sometimes you have no choice!). The problem started when I accidentally entered the wrong 3 digit CSV code. A Verified by Visa page then appeared, with some additional security questions to verify my identity. At this point I realised I had entered the wrong card's CSV so I cancelled out of the transaction.

I tried to make the payment again, with the correct CSV, but to no avail. I was now presented with a Barclays "transaction failed" page quoting error code EC15 (or ECI5?) and a 0870 156 6485 national rate number to call their fraud department.

I tried calling this number twice last night (Dec 5th, 6-7pm) and despite holding 10-15 minutes each time, no-one ever answered the phone - and this department is meant to be available 24/7. I gave up and decided to try again this morning (Dec 6th, 11-11.30am). After 13 minutes of listening to the on hold music, it started to ring - only for me to then be connected to silence - #fail, as it's called these days!

I will have to ring back and try yet again. If anyone from Barclays stumbles across this post, then I hope you will investigate what's going on with this awful call centre/dept. I've included the dates and times above so you can query them (if they answer your call) on why they were not answering customer calls for the last day.

In the meantime, I found a freephone number that takes you to the same queue, it doesn't solve the problem of them not answering, but at least you don't have to pay national rate for the privilege of having your call ignored! The number is 0800 015 1358


lilililili said…
Are you sure it takes to the same queue? cause I've the same problem and I'm abroad, so I can't imagine how much the cost of the calls will be! did they solve you're problem by calling them to this number ?


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