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A4UExpo 2012 London review & round-up

At this year's A4UExpo I met an affiliate who was returning to the industry after a few years off. After giving him the “we’re now calling it performance marketing” memo, I then asked for his first impression of the show, the answer: “there’s a lot more suits these days”. This, in a nutshell, describes the change that many of us have witnessed over the last few years. Google’s highly effective assault on affiliate marketing has virtually obliterated the ability to make money from simply running a network of exact match domain (EMD) sites. The increasing complexity of Google's ranking algorithm is putting a huge time strain on the average affiliate. Combined with the growing importance of regularly interacting on social media and it’s a wonder that we find the time to sleep! These pressures have caused some affiliates to quit the industry altogether (or go the agency/merchant route) and those of us remaining are quickly realising, if they hadn't already, that it&