Shared Google Calendar suddenly missing from iPhone

Overnight I noticed that a shared Google calendar that I could normally view on the iPhone Calendar app had suddenly disappeared. This was after months of it working perfectly normally. I double checked all my settings (which turned out to be fine), before heading to Google to try and find a solution.

To cut a long story short, the solution was posted on the Apple discussions site here:
Try to sign-in to your Google account at: and check all shared calendars [you'd] like to see on your iPhone, then tap Save button.
It was as simple as that. After re-ticking the shared calendars on the link above, they immediately started to show up again on my iPhone. I hope that by re-posting this solution here will help others in a similar situation.


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Brilliant - had the same problem and this fixed it. Many thanks.
Geoff said…
Glad I could help :)


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