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Shared Google Calendar suddenly missing from iPhone

Overnight I noticed that a shared Google calendar that I could normally view on the iPhone Calendar app had suddenly disappeared. This was after months of it working perfectly normally. I double checked all my settings (which turned out to be fine), before heading to Google to try and find a solution. To cut a long story short, the solution was posted on the Apple discussions site here : Try to sign-in to your Google account at: and check all shared calendars [you'd] like to see on your iPhone, then tap Save button. It was as simple as that. After re-ticking the shared calendars on the link above, they immediately started to show up again on my iPhone. I hope that by re-posting this solution here will help others in a similar situation.

Preview: A4U Expo London 2012 agenda

Given that we seemed to have missed out on summer this year, my mind is slightly baffled that we're now just over a month away from this year's A4U Expo . Once again it's being held at the swanky Hilton London Metropole, a far more convenient, if somewhat more expensive, location than that of Excel from a couple of years ago. The events team at A4U/Existem have been busy sorting out the conference agenda which they released earlier today. If you haven't attended the expo before, then it's certainly worth coming up with a rough plan of what sessions you're going to attend in advance. Unfortunately, as ever, some sessions are likely to be at hangover-o'clock (9am), but at least you can plan which nights to take it easy on (beer wise!). Obviously everyone has different interests when it comes to attending sessions, but as a display ad publisher who dabbles in affiliate  performance marketing, the sessions that I've put a virtual circle around so far

Removing old addresses from PayPal

While making a payment on PayPal this morning, I noticed a drop-down menu containing a large number of my old addresses (going back nearly 10 years!) as well as addresses for various family members who I'd previously sent presents to. After completing the payment I duly logged in to PayPal to tidy up my account and remove all these old addresses - I didn't feel comfortable, from a privacy point of view, having my life history of addresses stored at PayPal. After about ten minutes of fruitlessly searching the "My Profile" section for the list of addresses, I decided to turn to Google and, more specifically, the web site. Following the advice of 'CrazyLittle' ( in this post ) I called PayPal customer services. After a bit of a confusion, they eventually realised what I was trying to achieve. My 'top tip' for you is to say the words " 3rd party addresses " and/or " gift addresses " when explaining the list of