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Including random number (timestamp) in vBulletin

This is useful for 'cache busting' (most commonly used with advertising code that requires a random number). So, if you want to easily include a random number (actually a timestamp) in your vBulletin templates, simply use this code:

<if condition="$randomvar = TIMENOW">$randomvar</if>

Every time I forget the syntax for this, I end up searching before eventually realising the solution is actually on this thread at! To avoid me wasting time again in the future, I decided to post this to my blog for reference.

Tweeting from a4uexpo London 2011

Just to let you know that I'll be tweeting live from the sessions at this year's a4uexpo being held at the Hilton Metropole in London. My twitter account is and the hashtag for the event is #a4uexpo and the official twitter account is @a4uexpo

Review of Ad:Tech London 2011

After reminding myself of the ‘joys’ (think hot, smelly and cramped) of travelling on the Tube during rush hour, I arrived early at this year’s Ad:Tech London for the ‘secret’ breakfast session from the guys at Orange. The presentation kicked off with some interesting stats relating to online advertising, such as that only 49% of ad spending online was done for branding purposes. Having done a small amount of direct sales myself, I’ve often been frustrated with the obsession for a good CTR on a campaign – rather than the client seeing value in having their name and branding being shown X thousand times. Orange also shared their experience that an ad frequency of between 4 or 5 impressions is best in terms of user recall - which I think is now pretty much the standard frequency cap anyway.

Having given us a general overview of the industry, they then moved on to the main focus of the presentation which was to introduce the ‘TV Check’ app that’s due to launch in the UK shortly. This use…

Attending Ad:Tech London 2011

Just a quick post for anyone stumbling across this blog from Twitter. I'm at this year's Ad:Tech London in Kensington Olympia, covering it via Twitter (@geoffblog) and will also be doing a write-up for Latest Gadgets in due course. Ideally looking to cover new developments in mobile apps as well as finding out what's being planned in the industry. Thanks already to Chris and Laura for a warm welcome (literally in my case having got off a packed train!).