"PC Not Listed" XBox 360 - Solution

This was driving me mad, my PC (XP SP3) could see the XBox from Windows Media Player 11, but for some reason the XBox kept reporting "PC Not Found". I searched the internet for hours and tried every solution under the sun, including the renaming/deleting of the DRM folder, disabling firewalls (both Kaspersky and Windows) as well as fiddling around with settings in the Netgear router. Nothing worked. Then I thought I'd try running the Windows "Set up a home or small office network" wizard found inside Network Connections, just to ensure that the settings within Windows were correct for networking. Hey presto, the XBox could now, finally, see the PC. I hope this helps anyone else who is pulling their hair out on this!


World of Isaac said…
hi geoff,

can you be more specific with what you used when you went into network connections? Ive been having the same problem and I'm going crazy
Geoff said…
You need to run the "Set up a home or small office network" wizard (found inside the Network Connections window on Windows XP) when both the XBox and computer are running and connected to the wireless (or wired) router. It worked for me, good luck.
Klew said…
Brilliant! Who would've thought...worked perfectly on my Windows XP machine and Xbox 360 Elite. Thanks so much!
Unknown said…
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Dan said…
Brilliant, thanks for the information Geoff, worked a treat. Much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Thanks....Brilliant, thanks for the information Geoff, worked a treat. Much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Thanks......a lot..... Brilliant, thanks for the information Geoff, worked a treat. Much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
OK I was having the same problem and tried very many solutions including the one mentioned here and had no luck. I finally was able to fix the issue though.

First let me start by saying I was always able to see my pc and had sharing enabled on WMP etc. I didn't have problems until my wireless adapter crapped out and I switched to a wired connection. Confused by the problem and having no solutions I tried that worked (and I tried it all) I went into my router settings and clicked on "attached devices" just to make sure the xbox was listed and the IP address. I immediately noticed my xbox IP was listed however it was listed as attached under "wireless devices" even though it was clearly connected via Ethernet.

So I reset factory defaults on my Netgear WND3700. Went a checked attached devices again and now my xbox was listed as a wired device. Went back to guide/video player and sure enough my pC was listed again.

Just remember if you reset defaults to setup your network name and security/password for your wireless again because it will default to no wireless security. Hope this helps.
KPSmit said…
This is my ‘story’ and solution to the problem
I´ve recently had the same connection problem with my Xbox/pc. I´ve visited many forums and tried every single ´solution´ to the problem. Port forwarding, setting up a small home (office) network, shutting off all my firewalls, setting up a network bridge, going to that ‘services.msc’ tab but NOTHING worked..

I got to the point that I was spending literally hours searching and trying things to make that connection.

If somebody just told me to download ZUNE player instead of using Windows Media Player 11, that would’ve saved me allot of time and frustration.

So try downloading ZUNE ( from ZUNE.net ) ‘cause this eventually worked for me.

Hope I helped someone with this!
Anonymous said…
Thanks guy worked perfectly. Had no issues for as long as I owned my xbox but one day it stopped working. Probably something I changed inadvertently, but this fixed it so thanks again.


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