Preview of A4U Expo 2009

Just about to head off to A4u Expo 2009 following my first trip last year. Looking forward to attending a few more talks this year and doing a bit less drinking, shame there's no boat trip - but then I guess that would have been a bit 'samey' two years in a row. Not quite sure how we're meant to get back to hotels from 02 once the DLR closes, but sure I'll work something out.

A full review will follow, I'm looking forward to seeing Nadeem's talk on My 12 Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes in 12 Years having met him a few times over the years, including one late night drip to McDonalds in Leicester Square! It'll also be interesting to see if I can meet up with Kieron to discuss content writing, as well as listen in on Meet the Super Affiliates

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