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Show actual URL in phpMyDirectory

Just making a quick note of this here for future reference. If you use phpMyDirectory (v1.x) and want advertisers to benefit from a direct / plain link to their web site (rather than a redirect through the script) then you need to do the following (at your own risk, etc. etc). In listing.php add the lines in red } else { if (MOD_REWRITE) { $template_content->set('www_url',BASE_URL.'/out-'.$listing['id'].'.html'); $template_content->set('www_url_full',$listing['www']); } else { $template_content->set('www_url',BASE_URL.'/listing_out.php?id='.$listing['id']); $template_content->set('www_url_full',$listing['www']); } } And then place in listing_default.tpl < ?php echo $www_url_full;?> (remove space before ?, did that to show in blogger) Thanks to 'Anneliese-PMD' on their forums