New Adwords Interface, Over-Engineered?

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' is something you hear from time to time. Anyone who develops web sites or applications will have been guilty of it from time to time, you think you're going to improve something but then rapidly discover you've take a step backwards by mistake. I certainly have this feeling with the new Google Adwords interface that they've started push on to advertisers. It's chock full of AJAX (although may be something else, my geek powers are weak) and generally seems to be as cluttered as possible - with yellow "Dismiss" boxes left, right and centre. The old system worked fine for basic stuff and anyone doing advanced operations should have been using the excellent Adwords Editor application instead. I can only hope, although it will take time, that Google listen to the feedback (assuming it's negative like this!) and improve the GUI to make it easier to navigate and streamline / remove some of the bells and whistles they've introduced - like pop-out menus on roll-over etc. Anyone else got an opinion on this?



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