Review: Online Marketing Show 2009, Olympia

Blink and you'll miss it. Sorry, that might be a little bit harsh, but this was probably one of the smallest industry shows that I've ever been to. The show was part of Marketing Week Live! (you gotta love adding exclamation marks to things) held at highly impractical location of London's Olympia. Why/how is this still a venue? Going to Earls' Court and then waiting up to 15 minutes for the special Kensington Olympia tube is a really annoying waste of time.

Anyway, having skipped the chaotic looking registration hall I strode up the steps and in to the show - or was it a music video? Immediately through the doors are your presented with a black corridor with brightly coloured lines painted on it and equally bright fabric 'waves' hanging from the roof. All very grand indeed! There were actually 3 other shows in the Grand Hall in addition to the OMS, each taking up a corner or so of space.

The OMS area was very small and full of the increasing number of bland companies that claim to be experts in virtually everything and anything, using lots of buzz words like "integrated campaign management","multi-channel", "SEO specialists", etc. I guess that these one-stop-shop companies are the only ones that can afford stands at the moment? It's a shame though not to see some slightly smaller, more focused, companies there.

Anyway, didn't stay long. I saw Keith Budden wearing some amazing yellow Hawaiian shirt but not too many other familar faces today. Perhaps they're busy in sheltering from this heat in their homes / offices waiting for the A4UExpo instead!

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