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Emails stuck in Outlook Outbox? Solution

Using Outlook 2003 I often get in to the situation where my browsing is working fine, but for some reason Outlook refuses to send emails. They just sit there in my Outbox and it informs me that it's trying to send them. The cause of this is when you accidentally have Outlook.exe running twice, normally because you forgot that you minimized it so you start it again. Anyway, to solve the problem simply close down Outlook (and ticking yes to the you still have items to send pop-up). Then do Ctrl-Alt-Del together and closed down Outlook.exe that will still be running (i.e. the 2nd instance). Then re-start Outlook and it should now send those emails :)

Solution for Vista USB stick not recognised

I've been pulling my hair out this morning as Vista was refusing to recognise my USB stick. I tried everything from installing updates to reinstalling the storage device drivers. At one point I could see the device in File Explorer but it reported that it was blank (mild panic!). Anyway, after the usual Googling for 'USB device not recognized' I came across a solution and had a sudden flash back to having done all of this before. The solution is: To shut down (not hibernate/sleep) your laptop Unplug it from the mains power Remove the battery Wait a few minutes Put it all back together and plug it back in again Boot up Vista and plug in your USB stick So there you go, a slight twist on the old "turn off and on again" trick. But it really does work. Obviously this advice is provided in good faith and should be used at your own risk, etc. etc. Also a quick thanks to this blog for reminding me of the solution and for sharing it, as I've now done, with the worl