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Review of Internet World 2009 by a 'VIP'!

Just returned from visiting Internet World 2009 at Earl's Court in London and though I'd post a review, to go alongside my A4U Expo review from last October. For some reason I was made a VIP ticket holder this year, which was far less exciting than it might sound - but more on that later! As with my previous reviews, I'll stick to some easy-to-read bullet points on the good and bad features of the show. Good things... No queues and quick entry. Unlike Ad:Tech London last year (which somehow I forgot to blog about) there was no queuing in the rain at Internet World. In fact they did a good job with clearly signed entry points for badge holders, returning visitors, etc. Usual mixture of companies, including a few new names (but not many small/start up types - more on that later!) A couple of good seminars (i.e. ones that weren't pitches in disguise!). One that stood out was the Webcredible presentation on usability which consisted of slide after slide of practical a

Error 2739 when installing Google Adwords Editor

If you're getting the Error 2739 message when installing Adwords Editor from Google, then don't panic - here is the solution and it's pretty straight forward. This is based on my experience using Windows Vista and I see that other bloggers have also shared the solution, so thanks to them and I've written my own version of the instructions here for future reference and because we've these ones you don't get any errors :) Solution Start button > (All) Programs > Accessories In that list *right* click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run as administrator" When the black box (command screen) loads first type in: regsvr32 vbscript.dll then press the enter/return key on your keyboard ... wait... then type in: regsvr32 jscript.dll press enter and wait again. That's it! Now try installing Adwords Editor and there should be no more 2739 error! PS. For some reason I didn't get a shortcut on my desktop for the editor, this can be fixed

Wordpress htaccess clashes with sub-directory

The situation: Wordpress installed in root / with its default .htaccess file I had another script installed in /otherscript sub-directory with .htaccess/.htpasswd protection. The problem: Trying to access the /otherscript sub-directory creates a Wordpress 404 error, rather than the pop-up login box you'd expect to see. The solution: Simply edit the Wordpress .htaccess and at the very top of the file add: ErrorDocument 401 default All thanks for this solution go to Andrew Rollins who blogged about this back in 2008 - I have merely made my own record of it here just in case anything ever happened to Andrew's page. Also if you check his blog posting you'll find some alternatives to the line above, such as specifying a custom 401 page.