Epson scanner web site fail

Looking for a new scanner, I searched Google for information on the "Epson Perfection" range. Trusty old Google returned a product page from the official site as the first result - so far so good...

I clicked the result, read the review of the Perfection 4990 Photo scanner and then decided I wanted to see what other scanners they had to offer. Right there, at the top-left of the Epson web site, was the conveniently named "Back to Scanners Link". Great... or not as it turned out.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to make this a Javascript history.go(-1) link, which in layman's terms, makes your browser go back a page in your history, in my case back to Google.

Whoever programmed/designed the page must have assumed you would only get to a product detail page from within the Epson web site and therefore going back a page would be fine!

Have a go yourself, before they fix it (err, how long will that take?). Simply visit this product detail page on Epson UK and then click the "Back to Scanners Link" to return to, wait for it... to this very blog posting - doh.

Let me know where you want to send the free scanner for noticing this ;)



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