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Epson scanner web site fail

Looking for a new scanner, I searched Google for information on the "Epson Perfection" range. Trusty old Google returned a product page from the official site as the first result - so far so good... I clicked the result, read the review of the Perfection 4990 Photo scanner and then decided I wanted to see what other scanners they had to offer. Right there, at the top-left of the Epson web site, was the conveniently named "Back to Scanners Link". Great... or not as it turned out. Someone thought it would be a good idea to make this a Javascript history.go(-1) link, which in layman's terms, makes your browser go back a page in your history, in my case back to Google. Whoever programmed/designed the page must have assumed you would only get to a product detail page from within the Epson web site and therefore going back a page would be fine! Have a go yourself, before they fix it (err, how long will that take?). Simply visit this product detail pa