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Was A4UExpo 2008 any good? My review

Just got back from a packed few days at the A4U Expo, my first year there (albeit it only their 2 nd year anyway!). I went for the full conference/exhibition pass and glad I did as the exhibition area was pretty small and full of companies I already knew plenty about (think CJ , Affiliate Window, etc) - i.e. not really worth coming just for that to be honest. I know people (including myself) have short attention spans and love lists, so here are some quick highs and lows from the event. Good things... Met some great new people and caught up with some familiar faces from other recent events, including Mike Green who runs a popular pre -ordering affiliate site, James Little who I pestered to introduce pool 468x60 ads on Affiliate Future, Darren, Mick and few others. It's a great place to meet new people that's for sure. While it might sounds a bit 'American' or show-off, Al Carlton 's million dollar blogging seminar was really excellent, probably the best one

Don't like GoDaddy's new design

I'm generally a big fan of GoDaddy, they offer a lot of features you can't get elsewhere and their obviously very cheap. The checkout process is a bit of a PITA with all those added extras but you can skip past them pretty quickly. The main issue I have now is that they've redesigned their home page and it's really fugly now and I can't imagine it's very 'newbie' friendly. I'll probably get used to it, but hey I like to rant and my initial opinion was negative.