Facebook Ads : No business profile rant

So I was interested in experimenting with Facebook Advertising. I went to their site and started to complete the sign-up procedure. It then asked me to sign-in to my Facebook account, but the only one I have is my personal one which wouldn't be suitable for a business (as we need multiple people to login and change the ad campaign). I signed up with a generic sounding name, uploaded my campaign and it was approved pretty quickly. Good start. But...

Logging in later I see that the entire account has been suspended because they didn't like the name on the account. I emailed support to explain all we wanted was to advertise on Facebook, we are not interested in having a profile and that I couldn't use my personal FB account as that would mean I'd have to share the login details with colleagues. Their answer is they don't support this! Does this mean that every company has to have a nominated individual willing to share access to his/her entire FB profile in order for them to run advertising? Madness.



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