Spam calls to mobile phone

Within the last week (suspiciously also month 10 of a Carphone Warehouse contract), I've started receiving silent calls from 0800 955 5544 (08009555544) which according to this blog post belongs to a company called Landmark Telecommunications [ link ] - I'm not sure if this is correct, but a quick Google search of that name suggests they have a history of making unsolicited calls offering new contracts. What's frustrating is that such a business advertises that it "works in association" with the Welsh Assembly Government". Do they really want to be seen as endorsing such practice? Anyway, if someone knows how to get your number removed from their spam system please let me know!


Anonymous said…
If you want your number taken off cold calling lists, Search for TPS... The Telephone preference service... Its free, and should stop ALL cold calling.

Blessed Be

Magus Cheetahfur


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