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Graphics not caching in Apache

If you are finding that graphics aren't caching on your server, then try disabling the usertrack_module by adding a # in front of its LoadModule line in httpd.conf. The tip comes thanks to this post from a long time ago btw. PS. Obviously double check you don't need it first and always RTFM, but it worked for me!

Changing PayPal Adminstrative E-Mail

The process for changing your administrative e-mail address at PayPal is quite tricky for some reason. Also you won't find anything on their far from helpful 'help' page. So here, for mine and possibly your benefit, is the instructions. Login to PayPal Go to Profile > Multi-User Access Add a dummy user (we'll delete it shortly) Once you have dummy user you can see link to change admin address. Do that and then delete the dummy user Job done! :)