Hiding Thunderbird "Sending Messages" dialogue

I occasionally use Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail software alongside Outlook. One thing that annoyed me however was the pop-up "Sending Messages" dialogue every time I sent a reply. Having searched Google I found a solution which involved creating a user.js file. This, despite sticking it in several suggested folders, didn't work.

However, there is actually an easier way to do it (at least in my version, 1.5.x). Open the program and go to Tools > Options > Advanced and click the Config Editor button. Then in the filter line search for "progress" and you should find a variable called "mailnews.show_send_progress". Right click on this and select toggle to make it false. Then close that box and click Ok on the Options window. Restart Thunderbird and it should work!


Oliver S. said…
Excelent tip! Tks
Anonymous said…
Great tip, man. Thanks a lot. I've been annoyed with that dialogue box for months and couldn't figure out how to turn it off!
Ed Jakeman said…
Three years on and still useful! Thanks very much, its on the growing list of things I need to do to Thunderbird to make it not annoying.

creeble said…
Likewise with Ed! I just switched to Thunderbird from OE, and there are a few things I'd like to "fix".

Post more if you got 'em!

Anonymous said…
This is an ooooold tip, but still a good one. TB should really figure out that no one wants to stare at a stupid send progress dialog.

Thien said…
Incredible.... this should be set to the default install!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you sir


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