Goodbye Dixons Stores

Earlier this week DSG International, owners of such brands as Dixons, Currys and PC World announced it was going to remove the Dixons name from the high street after 70+ years and make it an online store only. The Dixons high street stores will be re-branded to which has to be one of the worst name changes in recent times. Not only does it already sound dated, but it sounds like an internet address and might confuse the hell out of people who don't realise that .digital isn't (yet!) a valid domain extension! When asked on the news whether the company had spent a lot of money coming up with the name, the chief exec was very proud that they'd spent no money on outside agencies and it had come from an internal team. Well, that certainly shows! Goodbye Dixons with your surly, poorly trained staff and high prices. The big question now is how long will it remain as!



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