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Redirect all but my IP using mod_rewrite

(Command updated Dec 21, 2006 due to issues with Firefox not liking previous method) Just testing some things on a server I run and wanted to find a way to redirect everyone but myself to a holding page (or another URL). This can be done with mod_rewrite and either set in an .htaccess file or, in my case, your httpd.conf file. Here is the code you'd need: RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^12\.34\.56\.78$ RewriteRule .* /down.html Where xxx.xx etc. represents your IP address and is the URL or file you wish anyone not at xxx.xx to be redirected to. As ever I hope this helps anyone else like myself who spent a good half hour or so looking for a solution. Credit goes to final post in this thread .

Bad concept for oven advert

Two posts in the same day, wow! Actually I wanted to post this a few days ago but I forgot my password and couldn't be bothered to recover it. Anyway, I saw an TV advert for a new cooker which showed people around the country changing their recipe books to new cooking times - because this company's new machine cooks 45% faster than a normal one. Now wait a minute, what this advert seems to be saying is "Look people this cooker is so fast that all those expensive recipe books you've bought over the years are now useless as you can't use the recommended cooking times". Genius :-/

Bleeping Motorola side buttons

Having recently upgraded from a Motorola v600 to the ever so slightly different v635 I was disappointed to see they hadn't fixed the annoying side buttons. Basically when the phone is in your pocket it's easy to change your ring style without knowing as the side buttons stick out a little too far. Also every time you accidentally hit those buttons it makes an annoying sound - assuming of course it hasn't already knocked itself on to silent - grr! I've now found a solution, thanks to this thread on HowardForums. The solution (to lock access to the ring tone setting) works very well. Now in order for me to change the ring setting I just hit the side button (which now doesn't beep or do anything) and then flip the phone open. It prompts me for the passcode (1234 is the default on mine) and it then allows me to change the setting - it's an extra step but a quick one and it's great to no longer beep when I walk! Update (Jan 21): Damn, turns out that while that