Goodbye Tiny/Time Computers

While I feel sorry for the 1,500 people who have now lost their jobs, I can't say I'm sorry to see the back of Tiny/Time. The original company, Time, seemed ok, but then like all good things they decided to buy Tiny and rename themselves The Computer World. As soon as they did this I had a feeling their days were numbered. Firstly why lose the strong name of Time and replace it with a blatant play on PC World. Perhaps they were trying to trick PC World customers in to their stores?! Also, if you ever had a chance to go around a Computer World shop, you would have been presented with lazy and clueless staff and a load of cheap looking PCs in a very drab, mid-80s designed store.

Realising this was strategy was doomed to failure, they recently attempted to start trading under both the Time and Tiny brands again. Tiny pushed hard on cheap and massive plasma/lcd screens and became an online only brand. However their attempts to go back to the original business plan (selling things direct via newspaper ads and online) was too late. Remember kids, if something isn't broken - don't fix it. Time were doing fine and then they tried to 'fix it' and now we bid them farewell!



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